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WINDOW WARRIOR is a built window cleaner concentrate, formulated free from harsh alkalis or abrasives. The action of WINDOW WARRIOR ensures complete penetration and emulsification of dirt deposits, road film and oil stains commonly built up over time on glass, mirror, and ceramic surfaces. Developed as a concentrate, WINDOW WARRIOR is an excellent economical choice for use as a non-streak glass cleaner.


Always follow the recommended dilution rates. To apply WINDOW WARRIOR, utilise a hand operated spray and apply liberally to the surface intended for cleaning. Once applied, allow a dwell time of 1-2 minutes before using a microfibre cloth and/or squeegee to wipe clean.


GENERAL GLASS CLEANING: For removal of soils, grease and road grime from vehicle windscreens, dilute WINDOW WARRIOR 1:10 with water. 100ml product per 1L water solution.
DETERGENT BUFFER: WINDOW WARRIOR can be utilised as a detergent for cleaning brass, chrome, stainless steel and many alloys. For this application, dilute 1:20 with water and apply with a hand operation aerosol spray. Allow a dwell time of 2-5 minutes and remove/polish with a microfibre cloth.

1L, 5L , 20L & 200L drums.


Refer to product label. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


    • Concentrated formulation.
    • Dilutes 1:10 with water.
    • Fast action, versatile, economical and 100% caustic free.
    • Easy to follow dilution rates, free rinsing, and harmless to painted surfaces (including clear coats). 
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