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RUST WASH is a clear yellow detergent built on a mixture of acids and wetting agents. RUST WASH is designed for fast, effective removal of rust, tarnish and other insoluble deposits from stainless steel, mild and galvanized steels, copper and aluminium. Suitable and recommended for providing an effective bond for decorative and protective topcoats.

Designed for removing surface rust and powder oxidation from steel surfaces. Suitable for use on multiple application including fibreglass, plaster, and painted substrates, RUST WASH can also be used as a treatment for steel prior to painting.



Heavy flakes of rust should be chipped or brushed off prior to treatment. Dilute RUST WASH 1:3 with water and coat the oxidised surface thoroughly. Allow to dwell for a minimum of 1 hour. Utilise a microfibre cloth and remove the white oxide complex revealing a clean finished surface. Repeat process if necessary.
*Note: The white phosphate precipitate should be brushed or removed with the use of a dry microfibre cloth prior to painting. DO NOT paint directly over the substrate unless the surface is completely dry and free from moisture.
RUST STRAINS: Convert RUST WASH into a mild detergent by diluting 1:10 with water. Apply liberally to the surface with a bush or soft tip broom. Allow a dwell time of approx. 5-10 minutes before removing with a dry microfibre cloth.


1L, 5L , 20L & 200L drums.


HEALTH & SAFETY: Refer to product label. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


    • Built on a blend of Phosphoric acid with powerful biodegradable surfactants.
    • Economical when applied at the recommended dilution rates.
    • Harmless to both painted and fibreglass surfaces, making it an excellent choice for marine applications.
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