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MOULD MAGICIAN is a slow-release mould, moss, algae, and lichen killer built on 99g/L Benzalkonium Chloride. Developed as a one-step treatment, MOULD MAGICIAN requires no water blasting, no scrubbing and is completely bleach free. MOULD MAGICIAN offers up to 12+ months protection when applied as directed.

Sweep all leaves, dirt, and other debris off the surface before application to allow for maximum penetration of the active ingredients. Dilute one part MOULD MAGICIAN to six parts water (1:6) in a garden or backpack sprayer. Spray the affected area to the point of saturation. Do not hose off. Apply during overcast, dry conditions to avoid accelerated evaporation. Lichen requires a second application within 15 minutes of the first.
For the best long-term results, avoid application if rain is expected in the next 12-48 hours.
Keep children and pets off the wet area until dry (normally 1-2 hours). 


SLOW-RELEASE MOULD KILLER: Dilute at the recommended rate of 1:6 and apply when weather is fair. Delay outdoor treatment application if rain is expected in the next 48 hours.

Note: Treated areas will begin to brown initially when applied. This is expected and will dissipate over the weeks to come.


1L bottle (makes 7L of product) covers a minimum of 26m2.
5L J/can (makes 35L of product) covers a minimum of 130m2.
20L J/can (makes 140L of product) covers a minimum of 520m2.

1L, 5L , 20L & 200L drums.


HEALTH & SAFETY: Refer to product label. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


    • Non-flammable.
    • No rinse, scrubbing or cleaning agitation required.
    • Economical when applied at the recommended dilution rates.
    • Long lasting active quaternary compound that retains germicidal properties preventing microbial regrowth.
  • We offer freight free delivery to all our loyal account customers*. For cash sales, online, and phone orders shipping is charged at cost ex Auckland. Shipping is nationwide, and pricing depends on the product classification, order size and volume. Once you place an order, we can confirm the shipping cost with you.

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