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HYPOCHLOR 10 is a built solution of sodium hypochlorite designed for multiple sanitisation applications.  As a concentrated bleach solution, HYPOCHLOR 10 is excellent for use as a whitening agent in janitorial cleaning, in addition to flash removal of mould and mildew. The unique sterilisation properties make HYPOCHLOR 10 highly suitable for bathroom maintenance and hard surface scale and stain removal. 


GENERAL SANITISING: Floors, walls, etc, dilute 40ml of HYPOCHLOR 10 to 1L of warm water (1:25).
OUTDOOR MOULD AND MILDEW CONTROL: Dilute HYPOCHLOR 10 (1:5) with cold water. Apply liberally to surface substrate and agitate with a soft tip brush or mop. Allow for a dwell time of 5-10 minutes before rinsing and/or pressure cleaning the treated surface. Moss, mould and mildew will perish instantly, however will grow back in the months to come. For long-term mould control solutions, refer to GUARIDAN CHEMICALS MOULD MAGICIAN.


FLASH MOULD & OUTDOOR FUNGAL CONTROL: Dilute 1:5 with water. Ensure solution is not sprayed on areas of high traffic, near pets or children, and away from garden beds. Wear adequate protection especially when spraying. Use overalls, gloves, suitable footwear, eye protection and a suitable mask if airborne. 
BATHROOM/REST ROOMS: Dilute 1:25 with water and apply. Only suitable for hard surfaces. Do not use on textiles or fabrics as bleaching may occur.


Sodium Hypochlorite (Industrial Bleach min ~10%) is corrosive, which means it can irritate or burn your skin or eyes. It can also corrode metals. Alway excerise care when working with this material.


HEALTH & SAFETY: Refer to product label. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


  • •    Industrial solution of built sodium hypochlorite (min ~10%).
    •    Fast acting and strong at high dilution ratios.​​​​​​​

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