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ABSOLUTELY is a heavy-duty, concentrated, low foaming degreaser designed for the removal of industrial soils, soot, grime and carbon. Formulated as a water-based solution,  ABSOLUTELY contains organic solvents with a distinctive clear purple colour and is perfectly suited for industrial and marine applications.


VEHICLES: Excellent results are easily obtained when utilising ABSOLUTELY for cleaning chassis, wheels/rims, and exhaust marks, however due to the alkaline nature ABSOLUTELY is not recommended for use on painted surfaces, light alloys or aluminium surfaces.

BOATS: Predominately used as a heavy-duty deck cleaner. Ideal for removing excess grease, oil, exhaust stains/slot and general grime found in and around bilges and engine rooms.

PRESSURE WASHERS: Works extremely well at low dilutions for cleaning pavers, driveways or anywhere around the home heavily soiling is present.


GENERAL CLEANING: Dilute 1:40 with water. Allow dwell time before light agitation/scrubbing then rinse.

HEAVY DEGREASING: Dilute 1:5 parts Kerosene. Allow adequate dwell time before light agitation/scrubbing then rinse.
CARBON & EXHAUST STAINS: Dilute ABSOLUTELY 1:1 with water. Brush and/or spray on before allowing a dwell time of 3-5 minutes. Wipe or hose excess product from the surface and rinse thoroughly.


Twelve months when stored in unopened, original containers. Storage area should be not exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.


1L, 5L , 20L & 200L drums.


HEALTH & SAFETY: Refer to product label. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


    • Non-flammable & Non-DG.
    • Harmless to most metals, but not recommended for light alloys, especially if applied at low dilutions or left for an excessive dwell time (1+ hrs).
    • Quick break emulsifier to assist with grease, oil & fat suspension.
    • Highly concentrated water-based formulation. Suitable for dilution with water and a select number of solvents.
  • We offer freight free delivery to all our loyal account customers*. For cash sales, online, and phone orders shipping is charged at cost ex Auckland. Shipping is nationwide, and pricing depends on the product classification, order size and volume. Once you place an order, we can confirm the shipping cost with you.

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